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You've all seen the commercials... for just over a $1 a day you can feed a child. Well, you really can! The money given to feed the children goes to that direct cause. For $35 a month a child will not only receive a hot meal several days a week but also hear about Christ!! They will hear and see His love first hand through you!  


This is not a sponsorship of an individul child but rather a part of being their refuge and hope. This sponsorship goes to feed, house, cloth and care for a child in need. Your gift can, and will, save the lives of children as well as impact thier families! 



The work is 100% funded through the giving of others. These churches exist because someone sacrificed. The hungry are fed and children cared for because someone decided to have a part! Thank you for your generosity and please pray for the continued growth of this ministry.



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